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‘Weight loss’ supplement ‘will be available in India’

‘Weight loss’ supplement ‘will be available in India’

NEW DELHI: Bupropus Weight Loss, a weight loss supplement launched in India on Monday, said it will be available for sale in India later this month.

The company, which aims to give people the ability to lose weight by using a patented technology, will sell its products in the country.

“Bupraman is now a global leader in the market for weight loss products,” the company said in a statement on its website.

“It is a revolutionary product, that gives a quick boost to the metabolic rate and the overall health of people,” the statement said.

“Bupsamant is also a smart weight loss product which has been used by millions of people worldwide, and we are proud of that.”

The product, developed by New Delhi-based company BUPropus, has been approved by the FDA for human consumption in India.

Buprampus was founded in 2012 and aims to help people lose weight through a proprietary weight loss technology.BUPropis product is made by Bupramanyin, an Indian company based in the US and the Philippines.

It is based on a proprietary blend of ingredients that include probiotics, a unique blend of B vitamins, B12 and iron.

Bupsaramanyin has received a patent on its Bupropin product.BUpropin is also available in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Buprilabs, the company behind Bupramps product, is based in India, and sells it in India and other markets around the world.

“The product was developed from a proprietary B vitamins blend that is made from Bupriman, a patented blend of probiotics and iron,” the BUPrampins statement said, adding that the company had launched its BUPraman product in India earlier this year.

“We are also exploring further options to launch the product in other markets,” it added.

BUPramanyins Buprolax weight loss capsule, which is also manufactured in India by BUPP, is available in a range of sizes ranging from 1.5 to 6.5 liters, with a cap size of 7.25 liters.

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