Meet the men who lost 100lbs in six months

Meet the men who lost 100lbs in six months

A man has lost 100 pounds in six to eight months after eating only two meals a day for six months.

The former paramedic is known for his weight loss success stories, and is now living his dream of becoming a fitness coach.

After losing the weight, he was able to coach his clients on how to achieve their goals.

“My clients are getting better, I’m seeing a change in their lifestyle and the quality of their life,” he told Al Jazeera.

“I’m finding they are more able to focus on their work, their work is a lot more efficient.”

The 33-year-old has also developed a love for running and was one of the first people to run a marathon.

The retired paramedic has had his own running clinic for a few years, but says he has not been able to run since the injury.

“For a while I thought it was something I could do, but I had to go through that rehabilitation period,” he said.

“The recovery process was difficult and it took a while to get the right balance between physical and psychological recovery.”

It was a tough time.

I had two operations in the knee and my knee was hurting.

“The doctor who treated him has now lost weight and is able to train his clients again.”

When I look back, I think it was just a matter of getting a bit more fit,” he added.”

As you get a bit older, it becomes harder to sustain your fitness.

“At the end of the day, my fitness has improved and I can train people more easily and with less fatigue.”

Dr Adam Boulton, from the Royal Perth Hospital, has seen an increase in patients who have experienced a loss of weight following surgery.

“There’s been a lot of patients who are now on their own again, and some of them are having a lot less weight to lose,” he explained.

“We have seen some patients lose as much as 200 pounds, but it’s the ones who are going through that phase of recovery that have had the biggest impact.”

Dr Boulon is working with the Royal College of General Practitioners to develop a national programme to help doctors manage their patients’ weight loss.

“Our doctors are really struggling to maintain their weight and that’s why we need to get them to a weight loss clinic,” he stressed.

“Doctors need to be trained in the importance of weight loss and that it is not just about dieting and exercise, it’s about lifestyle changes, and this is something that’s been really helpful for us.”

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