Why women are losing their weight in 2016

More people are losing weight than ever before, and the average woman is losing weight at a faster rate than men.The reasons for this are not clear, but there are plenty of possible reasons.Women are increasingly using food and exercise to help them lose weight, and they are also losing more weight at older ages.The National Institutes of Health estimates […]

How to beat Diuretics, a weight loss forum

Diuretic manufacturers and distributors have been struggling for years to stay competitive with cheaper generic alternatives, which they claim can lead to more frequent overdoses.The problem is that a combination of the company’s patent-protected proprietary drugs and a number of other problems make it more difficult for the public to learn about the company, experts said. On Tuesday, the U.S. Food […]

Vegan weight loss products: How to avoid the pitfalls

The latest vegan health and fitness products from brands like Vegenaise and Veganosity are packed with nutrition information to help you find the right products for your body and your lifestyle.But they’re also packed with the kinds of ingredients that can make your health more complicated.“Some of these products have some potentially harmful ingredients that are in there that we […]

How to make your own weight loss balloon

Posted September 15, 2018 07:15:55 There are tons of different ways to make weight loss balloons.This is a guide to making one that you can put on your fridge and watch while you lose weight.First, we need to know how to make one that looks like a balloon.A balloon can be any kind of balloon that can be hung from […]

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