How to lose weight without dieting

If you’ve been following a strict diet, you may not be able to lose the weight that you’re supposed to lose.If you have a low-carb diet or a high-fat diet, it’s not clear whether your weight loss will be sustained or not.Here are some things you can do to minimize the amount of dieting that you have to do:Don’t skip […]

When is a Covid Weight Loss Test a Good Idea?

A Covid weight reduction test is an important step in the right direction, but it’s also time to consider the risks and benefits of the tests.What if I get a bad test?A bad test is the most common result of a Covis weight loss test.Some people are better off with a positive test than a bad one.For some, the test […]

The truth about the ‘secret diet’ that’s been a hit with weight loss experts

A new diet that’s become a popular supplement has been credited with reducing the risk of many common ailments and diseases.And it’s all about protein and protein-rich foods.The new diet is called rybelsuss, and it’s a blend of the traditional Russian diet and the modern version.A review of the new diet in the Canadian Journal of Nutrition found that rybsus […]

Health care plan cuts back on the expensive surgeries

Health care plans will lose some of the more expensive procedures and surgeries under a plan unveiled Tuesday by President Donald Trump.The Affordable Care Act also includes a new set of protections for people with pre-existing conditions, which could help save money on health care costs in the coming years.“Our health care system is failing and it is hurting people […]

Why You Should Start Losing Weight Today

Now, for the first time ever, we’ve brought you the top 10 reasons you should start losing weight today.To put it bluntly, we don’t want to be the only ones to have this conversation.The reasons are as varied as you may think and each of them can be addressed in one of two ways.We have a new podcast for you […]

How to lose weight, lose muscle and get fat on a diet

Lifestyle changes are a way to lose body fat and improve your health, according to a new study.But what’s the right approach for weight loss and muscle loss?The authors of the study, published Monday in The Journal of the American Medical Association, said it’s important to remember that weight loss isn’t a magic pill.“We’re not talking about an overnight, perfect […]

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